41st Sunday in June Routes – Are Here!

Now Download maps, cue sheets, and create GPS device data files (We don’t create GPS data files for you due to rider customization preferences.)

Enjoy Geauga County’s well-maintained roads over rolling hills through farms, maple groves and the largest Amish community in Ohio. It’s a great place to explore on two wheels!  And, the 41st Sunday in June offers a total of four routes.  There’s an entry level 25 mile loop to a Metric Century and full Century – a route distance for practically everyone at every ability level (25, 40, 65 & 105 mile route distances)!

Rest Stops

Don’t miss Sunday in June’s laid-back rest stops. Kick back in the grass, munch on a snack, have a banana, and re-hydrate!  Also, don’t be surprised if you coast into one of the rest stops and see some familiar faces!

Rest stops will be loaded with in-season fresh fruit, sports drinks and plenty of spring water to fill your bottles. (Note: With temperatures forecast to approach 90 F please carry at least two (2) full water bottles and hydrate often!)

We’ll have bicycle mechanics at most rest stops, and if have a mechanical/other problem call the phone number shown on your map for support in case of a breakdown or emergency.  For a serious emergency, first call 911, then call the ride support number on your map.

Stops are located at intervals appropriate to everyone. If it is a hot and humid day, we will provide additional water at key locations on the route. Rest areas close at different times. If you change from the intended route, check the rest stop schedule provided with your registration materials. If you need assistance or fluids anywhere in the ride, call the ride support number on the map.

SAG Support

Vehicles will assist fatigued riders or those with mechanical failure. If you have a breakdown, are overheated or for any reason would like assistance of any kind, call the ride support number on your Sunday In June map.

Bicycles must be in good mechanical condition. Be prepared to perform basic repairs on your own, such as flat tires. It is recommended you carry basic tools including: a spare tube, patch kit, pump and two or more water bottles.

SAG vehicles will do a final “sweep” of all routes between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. Plan and pace yourself accordingly for your safe and timely return to ride start.