• Tony Principe, LMT
  • Donna, LMT
  • Raven, LMT

New this year, we will have Massage Therapists volunteering to help you with any muscle spasms, aches, pains or just a basic massage to help you recovery from your ride. They will be bringing 3 tables and 1 chair for these massages. They will be available from 10:30am through 4pm.

Stop by after or during your ride for a wonderful massage that will reduce tension and get you back on your bike.  

Massage has a lot of benefits for cyclists.

Some types of massage are Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release 3. The best type for you depends on where you are in your training and how often you ride. Typical places where you might get sore are the neck, hips, hip flexors, knees, quads, gluts, lower back, hands, feet or shoulders.

Massage can help you loosen tight muscles, flush toxic chemicals and keep your muscle fibers smooth and limber 1. After biking, a cyclist can experience reduced circulation in their arms.  Massage can help improve blood flow 1.

Massage can also help with injury prevention, enhanced performance and faster recovery 2.  A post-activity massage for almost any athlete improves recovery time by allowing fluids and toxins to be moved out of the interstitial spaces between muscle fibers, and allowing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients an opportunity to get back in. An increase of blood flow and nutrient to the muscles naturally translates to better recovery 2.

Don’t be afraid to ask the massage therapist to work on a particular problem area.  They are there to help.

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