Alison Pignolet – E-RYT-200, Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor, Certified Roll Model Method® Practitioner, Owner of Yoga Geauga (

Darlene Kelbach – Certified Yoga Teacher, Youth Yoga Teacher, Certified Plant-based Nutritionist, Owner of Darlene Kelbach, LLC  

Kim O’Neill –  Certified Yoga Teacher in private practice

New this year, we will have Yoga teachers volunteering to lead short sequences of recovery yoga.   Mats will be available, but bring your own, if you like.

They will be available from 10:30am through 4pm. These sequences are aimed at releasing and stretching typical muscles used while cycling. Alison will also be available to demonstrate and help you use Yoga Tune Up® Balls, which helps relieving areas of tension.  

Stop by after or during your ride for a wonderful way to reduce tension in your neck, tightness in your legs or stiffness in your back. 

Did you know that Yoga has a lot of benefits for cyclists?  


Yoga improves core (including back) strength and stability by targeting the more than 20 core muscles. 2 A strong and stable core helps use your leg muscles more efficiently for more power to your pedal stroke. 2 


Practicing a regular Yoga regiment, helps improves flexibility, which in turn helps the cyclist in two ways.  It allows the cyclist to get into an aerodynamic position for improved comfort and performance and helps with muscle recovery, decreases the likelihood of injury and soreness. 1, 3, 4


Yoga helps you understand the way to breathe more efficiently, improving your lung capacity. Getting more adequate amounts of oxygen to your blood and muscles will improve your endurance.  Breathing correctly also helps relieve tension and helps you focus on the multiple hazards all around you while cycling. 1, 4  

Injury Prevention   

The muscular balance produced from a regular yoga practice reduces the risk of injury. 1, 4